About Us

Profile of Plexus Management Services

Plexus is the first-of-its-kind super specialized Mutual Fund research and advisory organization, offering research in mutual funds. Founded in 1999, Plexus has over the years created a distinction for itself, by being the only wealth management advisory that does not merely offer snapshots of the past but offers quantitative analyses thereby eliminating the more “subjective style” analysis which many times leads to improper conclusions. - the company’s research oriented portal on mutual funds, caters to a diverse user base and is fast becoming a barometer for evaluation statistics of equity and equity oriented Mutual Fund schemes. The popularity can be gauged from the fact that specialized mutual fund practitioners from the fund houses as well as the intermediary segment are regulars.

Plexus employs the most exhaustive analytic parameters for analyzing the performance of fund managers, using the latest and extremely sophisticated tools. In order to meet the regular demand of its diversified investor base, Plexus analyses the “quality” of returns and not pure returns, indexed to the most exhaustive risk parameters thus providing a matrix for predicting future winners.

The approach at Plexus is to cover the facts in all its facets, and analyze to identify funds that have a planned growth story instead of “accidents of growth”. Plexus cover facts like risk in its entire avatar – the market risk as well as the fund manager’s risk. It covers return, but “return” in its entire avatar. Return indexed to risk, volatility, market fluctuations and the fund manager’s efficiency. It covers funds to see how well they ride the waves and also how well they jump back from hitting the floor. And it tries to find out how far a fund would go on in providing returns and for how long.

What Plexus Management Services and the company’s equity research portal offers is the distillate of more than a decade of experience in money management, research and investor advisory requirements.

The genesis behind the services
  • A deep understanding of the mutual fund world having participated in the industry since its inception.
  • The opportunity of having experiences on both sides of the transaction table.
  • Lack of adequate research in the predictive mode.
  • Lack of multi disciplinary approach in analyses.
  • Absence of “current” performance evaluation techniques.


Chief Executive Officer - Plexus Management Services

Prasunjit Mukherjee established Plexus Management Services in 1999 with an aim to provide intermediation and advisory services in the wealth management space. Prior to Plexus, Prasunjit was with Wellington Management Company, amongst the largest fund managers in the world and the parent group of Vanguard Group. He helped set up Wellington Management in the country and he was responsible across various Key Result Areas in Research, Compliance, Training, Product Development and Marketing and Sales in the joint venture between the company and the Lalbhai group.

Coupled with over 14 years of experience, having worked with the best companies in the business of managing money and with the Indian markets opening up rapidly to fresh ideas and practices, Prasunjit seized the opportunity to form Plexus – the first-of –its-kind specialized wealth management advisory and specialized research house. Plexus today boasts of a diverse client base across every income segment and especially in the High Networth and SME base, but now the focus now is on taking the research competence developed into a national framework.

Prasunjit, married with two children, holds a Masters degree in business management from the University of Mumbai and is a frequent speaker at several apex industry associations and educational institutions where he presents opinions on Capital Markets, Mutual Funds and Financial Product Intermediation. He also presents his opinions and research findings at various national dailies and magazines viz. The Hindu Business Line, The Indian Express, Express Money, Outlook Money etc. He also conducts a weekly Mutual Fund advisory programme on a national channel.