Which is the best SIP? How much is the minimum amount of investment?

There is NO PARTICULAR “good SIP” but SIP is good, nay great. You must be largely aware of macro movements for you to be on top of the situation.But some caution for you.

You must have at least two SIP running simultaneously to cover a large cap and a mid and small cap and yes not a single diversified or multicap.

If and when you add, add by fund philosophy and not by scheme name and immediate performance. That way you will have a large footprint in the equity space and its not rocket science that some part of the market are up, some parts are not…but some part of your portfolio will always be performing.

You can start from 500(micro SIPs) but I would suggest you decide the amount by how much you plan to reach to and in what time.

As for the rest, you can always ping back.

Happy investing


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