What is ESG investing? Are there any mutual funds in India that practice ESG investing?

Environment, social and governance is an investing orientation buzzword amongst the aware populace these days.

Do I believe in it?? Well yes and no.

See …the outlook of the phrase is largely oriented towards the “ethical factor” that ultimately channels value to all participants is a very old one and has been known to provide bigger returns over some time periods and to some companies but its highly debatable if it is so overall periods and all companies. And anyway, a fund house/manager could have easily incorporated these into their investment style and if one were to ask anyone managing money, I doubt anyone would say they have NOT incorporated the above. It’s how much they have, that’s important.

Further, can one have investments only on the basis of ESG?? I am sure there might be but I will not be restricting myself to only ESG, but also ESG.

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