What is your opinion about the following funds as I have started SIP: ABSL Frontline Equity Fund, HDFC Equity Fund, L&T Business Cycles Fund, Franklin India Prima Fund, and DSPBR Midcap Fund?

Conceptwise, these are very different schemes…different styles, different universe and most importantly…different treatment and handling. So o a conceptual basis I would say you are doing fine…you are covering investment styles and have a footprint over a very large number of stocks, sectors and capitalisation basis.

However, I would request you to check


to evaluate the working of the schemes as I do not comment on individual schemes. The major input I could provide is to make risk assessment a primary concern, rather than growth, as defined by returns. If you have to analyse returns, pleased do not do so for a longer time frame but instead break it ointo smaller ones and see how it plays.

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