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The Rupee Dilemma

We have all heard stories about how, before Independence, the Maharajas used to live the good life abroad and wondered how they could do so when logic says everything foreign was so expensive. Instances of one such Maharajah, who bought a Rolls Royce or maybe a few who bought and used them as garbage trucks,…

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Mr. Kumar was a crafty investor. If the starting amount was a criterion – he was a pretty small investor but he had made up his mind to not remain a small investor forever. He had plans and he wanted to work his plan to get him out of low investments, lower returns and no…

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Everything you NEED to know about TAX SAVINGS

February unleashed a horde of insurance agents who would work the phone and the feet to meet individuals to peddle Tax Savings products. While the allure of the Tax Savings schemes has not dimmed, the number of people offering solutions to such problems has only increased manifold. From LIC, to private insurance players, to mutual…

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