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Everything you NEED to know about TAX SAVINGS

February unleashed a horde of insurance agents who would work the phone and the feet to meet individuals to peddle Tax Savings products. While the allure of the Tax Savings schemes has not dimmed, the number of people offering solutions to such problems has only increased manifold. From LIC, to private insurance players, to mutual…

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The Benefits of Daily SIP

If I received a rupee for every time I’ve been asked by keen retail investors, “Should I buy mutual fund units or do an SIP” I would be a very rich person today. SIPs have become such a big part of the retail investors’ long term wealth creation construct that even the investments by foreign…

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Direct Mode of Investment is DUMB

The retailer is always seen as the money making Shylock, who has no scruples as long as it makes money FOR HIM – irrespective of businesses or products. Just think of the vegetable seller in times of onion crisis (which happens with a twice a year regularity) and I am told about the avarice of…

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